Mentoring Program

Privately mentored for one year

Every year Kevin takes on four students to mentor.

Via a series of monthly meetings, Kevin will work with you to improve your technical and creative skills in photography.  Each session is tailored specifically to your needs (which is established in advance through an initial consultation).


A relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

Who is this workshop for?

Private mentoring is for the photographer who wants to take full control of their learning process. 

It could be you just don’t like the workshop format, or it could simply be that your life is too busy (or too chaotic) to fit into a regular, fixed-date schedule.  Mentoring gives you the flexibility to work around almost any busy lifestyle.  You pick dates and times that are mutually convenient.

Which best describes you?

New to Photography?

You want the fastest and most exciting way to master your new hobby

Want to Improve?

You’re frustrated with your photography and need tailored, expert guidance

You want to go Professional

You want to become a professional photographer and you want a pro to show you how

Looking for a gift?

You want to buy a unique and very special gift for someone you love

One-to-one learning

Leaning one-to-one is very different from learning in a classroom.  It's more intense and of course, more personal.  You are not sharing your teacher with anyone else and you can ask questions whenever you want.

Working with Kevin, you can expect instruction at the very highest level.  Kevin is one of the best photography teachers in the UK and has personally taught hundreds of students from complete beginners - through to those who want to go professional.

As a part of the mentoring process, you may also be invited to assist Kevin on real-live photoshoots (subject to availability).

The one-year mentoring format

As a private student, you will meet up with Kevin once a month for three hours of what could be any mix of teaching, discussion and analysis (no meetings in August or December).  Each meeting lasts three hours and will include time to examine your previous assignment images.

What is covered?

It could be that you'd like to improve your skills at photographing people, working with flash, working in the studio with models, macro photography, street photography, landscape, photo-editing and so on*.  The year would be designed around your needs.

Meetings may be held out on location, in the studio, they may include models and of course, they may also be held at the HSP Training Centre, depending on subjects covered.

All private students have free access to the studio for assignment work.

*This is only a guide, the list of possibilities is almost endless.

Importance of Accountability

Having someone who you are accountable to, is essential to keep you motivated and on track.

It's easy to start out with good intentions, but sometimes we just need help to keep focused

When you combine this highly tailored syllabus with the flexibility to pick dates and times to suit your calendar, you can see why the mentoring option is so exceptional.

The Investment

As you might expect, private tuition with Kevin comes at a cost. 

Whilst exclusivity in most things can also mean expensive, Kevin doesn’t want it to be completely unreachable.  A year’s private mentoring is £3500, but we are able to let you spread that cost over ten months… completely interest-free*.

*We will work with you to find the right balance between deposit and monthly repayments.  Usually, the deposit is £1000, but if you want to pay more, we can adjust the monthly repayments accordingly.  Payments are administered by

If you think this could be for you…

Everyone who applies for private mentoring is invited to an initial consultation.  This is with Kevin and is usually face-to-face.

We use this meeting to get to know you… to ensure that mentoring is the best choice for you and your circumstances.

Want to find out more?

To begin the conversation - please contact the training centre

07954 400554 or email:

Course Instructor

Kevin Ahronson - HSP Founder

You will be learning from industry professional Kevin Ahronson and you can expect instruction at the very highest level.

Kevin, who founded the HSP, is one of the best photography teachers in the UK and has personally taught hundreds of students from beginners through to those who want to go professional.

With over 50 years of experience behind the camera and having been teaching photography since 2009, Kevin’s passion these days is to share that knowledge with the next generation of photographers.

What sort of person chooses to be mentored?