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Photography workshops & courses

Teaching hundreds of photographers every year

Hampshire School of Photography

Hampshire School of Photography (HSP) is run by professional photographer Kevin Ahronson.  

Having recently moved into semi-retirement, Kevin now spends three days a week working with photography enthusiasts of all levels; from complete beginners and advanced amateurs, through to those who want to go professional.   He does this through workshops and his highly sought after one-year Masterclass courses.

In addition, through HSP, Kevin provides online tutorials and hosts an active community of photographers on his free-to-access Facebook group.

Each year, Kevin also accepts a small number of individuals for private mentoring (click for more information)

A Better Way to Learn

If you find the process of trying to learn photography by watching online videos frustrating, we have good news for you.

Nothing beats learning in a real classroom and doing real practicals.  

Some people not only prefer to learn by the hands-on approach, but for them, it's the ONLY way to learn.  

Likewise, nothing beats learning from an experienced professional or sharing and growing in photography with like-minded others who are on the course with you.

Friendships that grow in the classroom can be immensely strong and so much can be gained by sharing your hobby with others, by going out together and by learning and encouraging each other.

Free Online Teaching

Nevertheless, HSP still provides extensive online tuition, and it is all provided free of charge.  That's right, all online learning is free.

Kevin remains convinced though, that the only effective way to learn photography is face-to-face.  Learning by video can only take you so far, but when you're in real classes, you'll be able to ask questions and get answers.

However, to supplement the tuition of the workshops you have free access to THREE alternative learning streams:

Tog-Talk (photographers talking):  If you like to listen to photography conversation while you're working, driving or on the go, the Tog-Talk podcast could be just what you're looking for.

The Photography Teacher: This is the main home of pre-recorded tuition in the form of written blogs and online videos.  It includes the '30 days of Photoshop' series, opening up the mysteries of the Photoshop editing software.  

Hampshire Photography Network:  This is our recently launched Facebook group.  It's full of lovely people, all sharing the same interest as you, and most of them are pretty new to photography (we exclude professionals).  Nothing intimidates new photographers more than seeing images posted by experienced photogs they can't hope to compete with.  

Check these all out, we'd love you to come and be part of our community.


Release Your Creativity

Whether you just want to capture the kids at play or photograph the sea at sunrise, there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction that feeds into our creative impulses.  Creativity can be not only satisfying, but it can also give us a sense of escape from the busy world we all live in.

The fun of photography comes from capturing something, capturing a moment, an expression or a beautiful scene.  

Creativity is something intrinsic inside all of us.   Some of us just need a little more help than others to release it.

Let us also not forget that photography has a technical element, but it doesn't need to be complicated.  Kevin is exceptional at communicating the technical stuff and takes great care to ensure everyone has a clear understanding.


So you have a camera?

Doubtless, you spent hundreds of pounds on your camera. It's not only an amazing piece of technology, it's a creative tool that you need to understand… to get the most out of it.

New photographers embark on a journey. 

A journey with loads of technical stuff to learn on one hand, and loads of creative stuff on the other.

The learning process can be a bit daunting on your own… and that's where we come in.  We make it easy and we make it fun.


The Photographer’s Journey

Some of us struggle to reach the destination we’re hoping for and others find it easily… why?

Over the years, we have made a significant study of the Photographer's Journey, we believe we have become quite an expert on it.  This means we understand your frustrations, we have seen them many times before.  Fortunately, we know how to help.  We have the tools to guide you back on track.

Watch this video, and see if you spot any parts of the journey that are familiar to you. 

What do photographers say about
Hampshire School of Photography..?

Kevin is a superb photographer with an encyclopaedic knowledge of photography.  His ability to explain the most complex aspects is first class

Alec Grant

Crookham Village, Hampshire

Kevin took me from basic to a professional photographer.

Now, I am running my own studio.

Janice Denton-Powell

Magical Moments Photography, Berkshire

I spent an amazing year with Kevin, his mentoring skill is incredible.  He is the reason I was able to turn professional.

Agi Gallacher

Imagine Photography - Oxfordshire

About Kevin

Kevin has been taking photos for over 50 years, buying his first 35mm film camera back in 1969.  From there, he joined his school photography club and went straight into the darkroom.  As he grew up as a photographer, he processed and printed his own films for over three decades.

Taking up digital cameras in 2006, Kevin also worked on a number of film shorts as Director of Photography and was nominated for a Hollywood award in 2009.  He shot a lot of commercial videos, with clients including the Met Police and the Royal Academy of Dance as well as a number of youth organisations including, Scouts & Guides, Air Cadets, Army Cadets and numerous others.

Working as a professional photographer, Kevin shot everything from corporate headshots to brochures for travel companies.  He shot product photography, family photography and even weddings.  In recent years he specialised in photographing children, developing a unique style of concept work.

His work behind the camera has taken him to many places around the world, including the United States, France, Turkey, Portugal and the Greek islands of Cyprus, Crete and Samos

Kevin has been teaching photography since 2009